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'couldn't give a damn about the strike' comment porn party

Okay, so there's a strike happening from midnight tonight GMT until midnight tomorrow night GMT. Lots of people are doing it, lots of people aren't, and for all types of reasons. I personally am not doing it, for many reasons, one of those being, like hell it's going to make any difference. Anyway. Instead of striking I thought why not have a porn party. Cos well they're generally lots of fun.

This post isn't for comments about the strike, it is for teh porn. Not taking part in the strike, come write porn! it's fun for all the family

Obligatory Warning/Disclaimer: Comments may contain material of an NC17 variety. If you're underage, please do not read. Also there may be spoilers of the Torchwood variety.

Spread the word!!!! and have fun!
This is a free for all, got something you wanna write, write it, and if you want to leave a prompt for someone to pick up, go ahead XD
All fandoms welcome

Fandom is having fun tonight, got some more fun to pimp
miss_zedem is holding a fluff!battle
misslucyjane will be holding a porn!battle
and maverick0324 will be holding a crack!battle
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[Torchwood: Multiple Pairings Implied | PG-13]


March 22 2008, 00:08:23 UTC 13 years ago Edited:  March 22 2008, 00:09:00 UTC

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Okay, so it's not porn per-se, but it's got insinuations! That counts for something, right? Right!? ::puppy eyes::

[Torchwood | Implied: Jack/Ianto, Ianto/Gwen/Tosh, Gwen/Rhys, Ianto/Gwen/Jack | PG-13]

"And...?" Gwen grinned, perching herself atop the counter in the Information Centre.

"And?" Ianto inquired with a politely raised eyebrow as he stepped closer. Gwen kicked out at him with a laugh.

"Spill the beans!"

"Honestly, Miss Cooper, I hope you're not talking about my coffee. I'm offended at the mere idea of-,"

"Ianto!" Gwen wined, interrupting. She drew the syllables of his name out until Ianto smacked her lightly across the thigh. She giggled. "Tell me about this naked hide-and-seek you've been playing with Jack!"

"What makes you think I'm the kind of man who'd kiss and tell?" Ianto asked, grinning back at Gwen who laughed loudly.

"Maybe for the same reason I know you and Jack have done it on every available surface in the hub. Including my workstation I might add-" She shot Ianto a pointed look, "-and that for all his bragging and your apparently shyness, I know that you're in charge of things. And that you're completely incapable of keeping secrets when confronted with a tub of Ben&Jerry's and Dirty Dancing played on repeat." Gwen smiled sweetly as Ianto hissed her quiet.

"That was one time!" Ianto defended. The night spent re-enacting the movie with both Gwen and Tosh one night when Gwen had the flat to herself flashed briefly across his mind. It had been a good night. With lots of alcohol and ice-cream involved. They'd been having a blast, the three of them, ending up in various levels of undress and closeness until all of a sudden Rhys had arrived home and Ianto had been left trying to explain why he was standing topless in the middle of the living room with his hands inappropriately holding certain parts of Gwen's anatomy. And why Tosh was inappropriately holding certain parts of his anatomy in return.

Tosh and Gwen both had nearly died with laughter then and there. Ianto hadn't seen the amusing side until after he'd managed to hightail it out of the flat (relatively unscathed; Rhys hadn't been in the least amused either), with Tosh clinging to his arm and cackling like a banshee on crack. Then he'd laughed. And taken Tosh home to finish off what they'd started. He'd no doubt Gwen would be coaxing Rhys into a little "Time of my Life" herself.

"Well?" Ianto blinked back to the present, looking up into Gwen's large and pleading eyes.

"Well..." Ianto began, "If you've got a couple of hours to spare, you're welcome to stay and find out first hand what this naked hide-and-seek is all about."

Gwen blinked. Ianto smirked wickedly.

Then he reached up to tap at his Bluetooth.

"Oh, Jack..." He called...


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